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Is your car in urgent need of repairs? Are you having trouble finding a garage that can repair your car without long delays and disruption to your week? Park Service is here for you. With a wealth of experience under our belt, we can repair any car and get it ready for the road in no time.


Our fully qualified mechanics have the skill and knowledge to tackle any issue your car has and fix it with ease. We will use our latest computer diagnostics equipment and find any fault with your car and fix it, so that you can remain safe and secure when you travel. Get in touch with us and discuss your needs today.

Extensive car repairs in Kingston upon Thames

  • Clutch repairs

  • Brakes repairs

  • Suspension system repairs

  • Tyre repairs

  • Air conditioning repairs

  • Exhaust repairs

  • Engine rebuilds

  • Repair and replacement of turbo engines

  • Welding

We can help you with:

Call Park Service to get your car repaired by car repair specialists in Kingston upon Thames.

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